Vegas Wild Casino Responsible Gaming Policy

Responsible gaming policies ensure a safe and fun gaming environment for all casino patrons. These policies avert and mitigate the danger linked with gambling — addiction and financial problems — through responsible behaviour and support.
Vegas Wild Casino adheres to these policies and not only follows the rules but also takes this as a duty to care for its customers, ensuring that gaming remains good, clean, fun, and managed.

Ensuring a Safe Environment: The Commitment of Vegas Wild Casino

At The Vegas Wild Casino, we take pride in offering a safe and secure platform where we care for all our customers. We appreciate that people’s idea of having fun may hold a different meaning to other people, and while to some, it is gambling, to others, it is just super risky. 

This also includes the adoption of measures that will prevent underage gambling since it is illegal and against our policies for any persons under 18 years (or any other legal age in their jurisdiction) to take part in any of the gaming activities that we offer. These are measures to prevent underage gambling.

Marketing and design

Our marketing campaigns and website designs are tailored to attract adults only, ensuring that our content is appropriate and appealing to the intended audience.

Staff training

All our employees are trained on the importance of social responsibility and equipped with the necessary skills to verify the age of our customers effectively.

Advanced verification systems

We utilize sophisticated age verification systems to confirm the age of our players before they can access our games. In addition to these measures, we encourage parents and guardians to use filtering software, such as Net Nanny and Cyber Patrol, to prevent minors from accessing gambling sites.

Providing Assistance on Gaming Addiction

We understand that some individuals may need help to control their gaming behaviour. The Vegas Wild Casino offers a variety of resources and tools to assist those who wish to manage their gambling activities responsibly. Here are the available resources and tools:

Self-assessment tests

We provide self-assessment questionnaires that can help a person check their gaming practice. An affirmative answer to many of these questions may indicate that some level of thought should be given to the person’s gambling practice.

GAMSTOP registration

Customers wishing to voluntarily sign up for the free service of GAMSTOP, through which they can exclude themselves from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain for the period they desire.

Software blockers

We recommend using gambling site-limiting software programs like GamBan and Betfilter and general blocking software like Net Nanny to limit gambling site activity. If you feel that gambling is becoming a problem, several organizations offer support and advice:

  1. Gordon Moody Association. Provides residential treatment for severe gambling addiction.
  2. Gambling Therapy. Proposes online help and counseling for those suffering from problems related to gambling.
  3. GamCare. Offering advice, help, and free counseling services regarding all matters on addiction to gambling.
  4. BeGambleAware. Offers information and advice related to responsible betting and access to helplines and treatment services.

This first step may be difficult, but it is necessary to regain control of your life and stay healthy. Our team urges you to access these resources with The Vegas Wild Casino if your playing becomes unmanageable or if you ever need to cut back/stop altogether.

Support Service 

We at The Vegas Wild Casino are proud of our excellent support team. They are always ready to attend to our customers at any time with any issue that may arise. Our support service is available 24/7, making help available at arm’s length.

The Vegas Wild support team members are skilled in many fields, from technicalities to responsible gaming, which enables them to assist in case of any matter or advice. They are also friendly and supportive, ensuring every customer feels right at home. The support team is committed to responding to all easy-to-reach inquiries via live chat, email, or phone.


Vegas Wild Casino is dedicated to establishing the perfect scenario for responsible gaming. We implement strict measures in cases of underage gambling and provide resources for self-regulation and a supernal support service to ensure that our customers have the safest and most enjoyable gaming experience. 

Responsible gaming is about shared responsibility, and with our customers, we aim to provide a gaming environment that is not only fun but also safe.